Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here are the pictures taken during our 10 year reunion this last July. Thanks go to Jenn Soito and Sarah Stolley for the pictures! The reunion started with a fun night at Mugsy's where people we able to reconnect and meet up again, some for the first time since graduation. Most pictures are labeled with names, however some names are missing. (Feel free to edit this post and put in the names I missed.)

Kathy Kish, Melissa Mellett, and Sarah Stolley
Ryan Kucherry and Mikey Villelli

Beau Winey, Jerry Jimenez, & Ryan Kucherry

Seems as though these boys are still the jokesters they've always been!

April Huggins and Lynsie Figgins

April, Ryan, & Lynsie
Jerry, Sarah, & Ryan
Lindsey Tompkins, Amber Reed, Brenda Ubhoff, & Ivy Holloway
April Huggins & Jenn Soito

Bridget Issac & Heidi Merrifield

Winter Braden & Derek Barnhart

We had a wonderful turnout and hope for even more at the next reunion!

Lindsey Tompkins, Kim Barcklay, MacKenzie Anderson, & Kathy Kish

LesLee Johnson & Josh Breazile

LesLee & Josh

Tye Bergstrand & Katie Diel
The next day we held a family picnic at the Twin Rivers Resort. Everyone was able to bring there families and show off their beautiful children!

Kelly Isbell, Jeff Nystrom

Lyndsey Tompkins

Lyndsey & MacKenzie

Melissa Mellett

April (Huggins) and her husband, Luke Henslee

Mike Reed & Bill Suldovsky

David Stockwell

Jon Messenbrink and his wife, Chiaki

Jenny Whittaker and her husband, Forest Graham. They just had their beautiful baby girl, Aspen.

Jocie Peacock-Johnson and her partner Marla.

Kent Blackmore and his wife Bethany

Jay Dee Patzer and family

Mike Smith & his family

Jacob Pluid, his wife Kelly, and one of their little boys

Kathy Kish & her beautiful girls

Shawn Fredrickson & his family

Amber Young, her husband, Adam Huseby, & her children

Later that day everyone joined again at the Kootenai River Inn. They had a great meal and a good time reminiscing.

Matt Clark & Mikey Villelli

Good to know they still have that "close" relationship!!!!

Jason Kavarie & Adam Michel

Kenny Yount & his wife, Tiara

Jerod Brush

Kim Barcklay

Melissa Mellett, April Huggins, & Jenn Soito

Kim Barcklay

Thank you to all who helped put this together- Jenny Whittaker, April Huggins, Jenn Soito, Linsey Figgins, Han Beggerly, Sara Carey, and everyone else who helped us get contact info! I really appreciated all the help! Stay safe everyone and I will see you at the next one!
Missy Funkhouser

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